Diploma in Nursing - KPTM Kota Bharu

This program aims to produce nurses who think critically, competent and have expertise in soft skills to care for patients. Students are given a theoretical knowledge of the disease and patient management.

Apart from theoretical knowledge, students will undergo practical nursing skills in the laboratory to intimately familiar with the treatment procedures. Students will also undergo practical training in hospitals and health clinics under the supervision of clinical instructors each semester.

Programme :
Diploma in Nursing

Programme Duration :
3 Years (9 Semesters)

Campus :
KPTM Kota Bharu

Programme Code :

Programme Fee :

Medium of Instruction :

Reference :
R2/723/4/0139 (01/2026) MQA/FA 5078

Minimum Requirement :

For Local Students:

Passed Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or its equivalent with FIVE (5) credits in the following subjects:

i.   Bahasa Malaysia
ii.  Mathematics/Additional Mathematics
iii. Credit in any one of the following subjects: 
     a. Science or
     b. Biology or
     c. Chemistry or 
     d. Physics or
     e. Applied Science

iv. Obtained credits in any other two (2) subjects

v.  Passed English Language

Passed the interview and confirmed healthy by doctor within one (1) month before registering for the program

Candidates must be in satisfactory physical health and must not have any disease listed below:

• Hepatitis B or C
• Epilepsy
• Color blindness
• Mental health disorder

For foreign candidates, they are required to adhere to Conditions ii and iii as stated above, Condition iv, obtain credits in any three (3) subjects and pass IELTS with Band 5.5 or TOEFL PBT 515/TOEFL CBT 215/ TOEFL IBT 80.

Must be able to converse in Bahasa Melayu fluently

Anatomi dan Fisiologi I
Nutrisi dan Kesihatan
Asas Kejururawatan I
Asas Kejururawatan II
Psikologi dalam Kejururawatan
Penghayatan Etika dan Peradaban

Anatomi dan Fisiologi II
Mikrobiologi dan Penyakit Berjangkit
Asas Kejururawatan III
Kejururawatan Kardiovaskular dan Hemapoitik
Kejururawatan Respiratori
Komunikasi dan Perhubungan Interpersonal dalam Kejururawatan

Praktis Kejururawatan Klinikal 1

Pengajian Islam
Pembangunan Pemuda 
Etika Dan Perundangan Dalam Kejururawatan
English for Nursing
Kejururawatan Gastrointestinal
Kejururawatan Endokrin&Hepatobiliari
Kejururawatan Genitourinari
Kejururawatan Muskuloskeletal dan Integumentari

Praktis Kejururawatan Klinikal 2

Asas Keusahawanan 1
Kejururawatan Obstetrik
Kejururawatan Ginekologi
Kejururawatan Komuniti
Kejururawatan Pediatrik
Kejururawatan Mental Dan Psikiatri

Praktis Kejururawatan Klinikal 3

Khidmat Masyarakat 1
Kejururawatan Neurologi dan Sensori
Kejururawatan Kecemasan dan Kritikal
Pengurusan Dalam Kejururawatan
Jagaan Klien  Dengan Keperluan Khas
Sosiologi Dan Antropologi Kesihatan Dalam Kejururawatan
Penyelidikan Dan Statistik Asas Dalam Kejururawatan

Praktis Kejururawatan Klinikal 4
Students who have graduated and passed the Malaysian Nursing Board (LJM) examinations have the opportunity to work as a Trainee Nurse at the hospital of the Ministry of Health Malaysia (HQ), Hospitals (HUSM, HUKM, UITM and HUMM), private hospitals, public health clinics, private, nursing homes and home nursing.

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