School Field Trip Of Sek Keb Buloh Poh , Ketereh To KPTM-KESEDAR

Written by Corporate Communication Section on 07 November 2017.

6 - 7 Nov 2017
– A total of 34 students from Sekolah Kebangsaan Buloh Poh, Ketereh had a school field trip to KPTM-KESEDAR, Gua Musang.

The purpose of this trip was to add the knowledge about the learning system and facilities at the KPTM-KESEDAR college to the students. They were also involved in a leadership development slot facilitated by KPTM-KESEDAR Counseling Club. Next, they were taken to visit the Ethnobotanical Herb Garden. Through this activity, they could see at different types of herbal plants and KESEDAR representatives briefed them about the methods of cultivation of herbal plants managed by KESEDAR. This visit gave them info about the importance of farming and cultivating herbs that have thousands of natural nutrition other than being able to generate economic resources to the locals. They also had time to leisure in Taman Mini Air Etnobotani which became the new attraction here.

Travelogue on their journey by a train, from Wakaf Bharu Station to the Gua Musang Station for six hours concluded many beautiful memories for them with the beauty of nature at Taman Etnobotani and Gua Musang. Thank you very much to the school that had chosen KPTM-KESEDAR as a location for this educational visit.