Launching Ceremony of Sayangi Malaysiaku Fiesta at KUPTM Level

Written by Corporate Communication Section on 08 August 2018.


AUGUST 8, 2018 | KUPTM KUALA LUMPUR | Launching Ceremony of Sayangi Malaysiaku Fiesta at KUPTM Level

Kolej Universiti Poly-Tech MARA Kuala Lumpur (KUPTMKL) through the Students’ Representative Council (MPP) has held a launching ceremony of Sayangi Malaysiaku Fiesta at KUPTM level as a symbolic opening in conjunction with the nation’s independence celebration at KUPTM, and KPTM nationwide independence celebration launching ceremony.

The objective of this launching ceremony is to foster the 61st nation’s independence celebration with the Sayang Malaysiaku theme and to cultivate the patriotism inside the people of KPTM.

This program is an event that successfully brings together the whole KUPTM staff and students to celebrate the opening celebration in conjunction with the 61st nation’s independence month.

The ceremony is officiated by Mr. Nordin Bin Ahmad, KPTM Chief Executive Officer. Also present at the program are Mr. Abdul Azmi Abdul Aziz, KPTM's Deputy President of Academic Affairs (acting as Deputy President of Student Affairs) and Prof. Dr. Ahmad Bin Othman, KUPTM’s Deputy Vice Chancellor Research and Corporate Development (acting as Vice Chancellor of KUPTMKL).

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