Master of Business Administration (MBA) - KUPTM KL

Programme Description

The Master of Business Administration is a graduate programme in which the core disciplines of management, finance and accounting are enriched within the challenging management and business environment.

The programme features a mix of theoretical, practical and applied courses to be explored and developed over the two years academic programme. It is designed to develop and enhance the student’s understanding and expertise of key concepts and knowledge which can be effectively applied in the real world business settings. The programme is intended to produce competent, skilful and versatile managers and CEOs, who have the acquired leadership qualities and acumen, as well as management skills to embark on a rewarding career in managerial professions.

Programme Structure

Year 1
Semester 1
MGT 7013 Organizational Behaviour
ACT 7043 Accounting for Managers
ECN 7023 Managerial Economics
MIS 7093 Information and e-Business

Semester 2
ECN 7023 Human Resource Management
FIN 7053 Finance for Corporate Organization
MGT 7113 Corporate Strategy and Sustainability
MGT 7103 Strategic Leadership

Year 2
Semester 3
QMT 7063 Research Method for Business
MGT 7123 Quality and Change Management
ETR 7083 New Venture Creation
MKT7073 Corporate Marketing

Semester 4
MGT 7133 Blue Ocean Strategy
QMT 7106 Final Year Project

Please click here: MBA Schedule - Semester 1 (September - December 2016)